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Hello, My name is Jenny. I am 16 years old and currently living in the United States. I am the web- owner of this website.  I am a Zoroastrian but with my name it doesn't sound like.
I love learning about our religion as there is so much to learn therefore, I have created my own website which is titled In Search of the Zoroastrians. You will be given so many informations picked up from several websites, Books and many newspapers. We are only a thousand left in the world, and we should really get connected about our religion.
The Name- In Search of the Zoroastrians, Because I am looking for those thousands of us that exsits in the world, Therefore, If you check out the page titled, Zoroastrians around the world, You will find many links and places around the world where Zoroastrians exsist around the world.
The website is not completed as of yet, It will be updated every day until I am not free and especially when School starts, so keep visiting it everyday!
If you have any recipe, news, articles, You can contact me @
 I be happy if we could all contribute something to our religion and as to who we are.

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