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Bombay : Land of Parsis

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The YAZD Atash Behram

Land of Parsis


A devotee prays at the sacred Bhika Behram well. When it
was dug in 1725, the sea touched the well at high tide. The
city has grown around it. It is now in the middle of busy
Flora Fountain, the business district of Bombay. 1984
A woman with her niece on New Year's day. Behind them,
on the fire temple wall, is a stone reproduction from the
Apadan Palace in Persepolis, depicting envoys from two
satrapies of the Achaemenian Empire, paying tribute to
Darius the Great (521-486 BC). Kapawalla Agiary, Bombay


At the end of each Zoroastrian year, ten days are reserved
to invoke the souls and fravashis (guardian spirits) of
departed ones. During the days called muktad, the souls
are invoked with prayers and the fragrance of flowers.
Wadiaji Atash Bahram, Bombay 1985

Framroze Sukhia, an eminent lawyer, crosses the road with his wife Villoo, after visiting
the Anjuman Atash Bahram. The pillars are copies of the columns of the Apadan Palace
in Persepolis; square bases, fluted shafts, and double-headed capitalsof two bull-protons,
that signify the benevolent animal kingdom. Bombay, 1986.





The fifth Baronet, Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy at home. The first Baronet, Sir JJ as he was
known , was one of India's greatest philanthropists. Schools, colleges, hospitals, still
bear his name. Bombay 1984.
Brabourne Restaurant's distinctive glass panels depicting Zarathustra and Christ.


Dastur Dr Firoze Kotwal, High Priest. Bombay, 1984.


A Parsi and a Nepali in a BEST bus, rubbing shoulders in
cosmopolitan Bombay. 1985.

Buying fruit at Bhaji Gully. Bombay 1986.

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