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Two women buy the day's first catch in Udvada which is a coastal village known for it's
fish, especially the local boi (mullet). Udvada, Gujarat 1983.


Cleaning a boi (mullet) for breakfast. Udvada, Gujarat 1986.

Early morning scene, a woman draws water from the well at the back of her house.
Udvada, Gujarat 1984.

A devotee pays his respects to the portrait of Meherji Rana, the famed priest from
Navsari who went in 1578 to a religious conference in the court of the Mughal Emperor
Akbar, to explain to him the tenets of Zoroastrianism. On the bench a priest's robe called
a jamah has been spread out to dry. Hours of prayer in a room with a fire and no fans
leaves the priest's robes soaking wet. Navsari Bhagarsath Anjuman Atash Bahram,
Gujarat 1982


A devotee pays his respects at the well of the Iranshah
Atash Bahram. Home of the first fire consecrated on Indian
soil, the fire has been kept burning continuously for over
900 years. Udvada, Gujarat, 1984.



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